Web Design - Can anyone Design a Web Page?


Well, the simple answer is ... yes ... anyone can design a web page. However, most people cannot design an effective and efficient Web Page that has a Strategic approach to supporting your business.

To Design an effective, efficient and strategic Web Page you need to develop a page that will search well and appear in the top order of search results. You also need to determine your market demographic.

At A&K Web Design and Maintenance we spend the time with our clients to firstly determine if they require a web page and take time in order to design the right Web Page for you.

A lot of designers are great at designing web pages, however, they forget that they are designing a Strategic Web Page for a particular client ... not for themselves.

We take the time to have that initial consultation, which is free of charge, to discuss such items as your potential markets, your likes and dislikes in design, your competitors and most important of all where you are looking at taking the business in the future. We then map out a website with your input on paper.

From here we go about building you an efficient, effective and strategic web site that you will be proud of. We use only the latest software to create your web pages and we use a web host that is right for you. We help you to obtain your domain name and finally have your web site live on the web.

But, that is not where it ends for us. Regardless of whether you wish to maintain your site yourself or have us provide this service for you, we will follow up with you to discuss any future requirements.


Our target market is Small to Medium Business and we have a pricing package that will suit your business. From as little as $500 we can give you a Web prescence via a brochure website, however, if you require e-Commerce we can build this for you as well.

People often ring us and ask "How Much Do You Charge to Build a Website". This is a question that cannot be accurately answered until that initial consultation has been undertaken as your site may have 1 page or 100 pages. So call us now ... it's free to talk to us!!!

Act Now!

So, you think you need a Web Page ... don't put it off, you are costing yourself business enquiries ... call us today on 0408 766 992 to arrange a totally free consultation and make an informed decision as to what you might really require.

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